500 Mile Challenge

500 Mile Challenge


In February 2022 I started running for my mental health after being diagnosed with bipolar. In my first proper race – a 10k (did a 5k Parkrun to start), I almost gave up at the halfway point and pretty much collapsed at the end. I came third from last, beating one lady and a chap who was 70 odd. By the end of the year I ran a marathon.

I did not want to end things there though as I don’t do things by small measures.

I have signed up to run the 2024 London Marathon for Mind which as a charity is obviously very close to my heart, and I intend to run it as if my life depended on it. 

Not content with that, and wanting to give more sponsorship bang for your buck, I have signed up for 10 11 ultra marathons as well!

  • Cotswold Ultra 53k
  • Wendover Woods 50 mile
  • Round Reading Ultra 50k
  • Big Pilgrimage 54k Ultra
  • Thames Path Ultra Challenge 100k
  • Weavers Way 50 mile
  • Portsmouth Coastal Marathon 50k
  • North Downs Way Ultra 50k
  • Chester Ultra 50 mile
  • Hundred Hills 50k
  • London Marathon
  • Thames Path 100 mile (now qualified!)

If you do the maths on that, it’s 500(+) miles in total which equates to just over 20 marathons. Currently I’m ten down with two to go.

Probability does mean that I will fail at one of these, but I’ll definitely fail magnificently when I do.

(left leg went at mile 47 at Wendover woods, so one DNF out of the way early! Miles still count though :-0 )

(why I’ve gone from 10 to 11 marathons – putting in a few backup miles just in case!)

If you want to help me raise money for this great charity, my fundraising page is:


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