I need to see a shrink

I need to see a shrink


Remember New Coke? Yeah – like that worked out well for Coca Cola. When something isn’t broke then why screw around with it? I didn’t realise how annoyed I could get about a rebranding until I Googled ‘rebranding failures’ and found out that Pepsi came out with a new logo in 2008 that looked way different to all of the previous ones. I mean, as Google got bigger they didn’t rebrand it as Googleplex – a play on the bigger number 10googol. Although I’ve just discovered that is what their corporate headquarters is called. I wonder if you address a letter to “Larry and Sergey, 10googol,” if it would get delivered? God I’m boring. I’d probably get a 405 error returned as Google probably don’t accept letters as a valid form of communication. Shit, I just got even more boring. Most people would have just stuck with the more commonly referred to 400 or 404 errors for “Bad Request” or “Not Found” rather than the more specific 405: “Method Not Allowed” response. Shit – I did it again. Bore. Bore. Bore.

But I need to rebrand as I can’t go on bleating about being bipolar. I mean, I could but that would be quite boring. Although as I have established above, I am quite boring so I could. I can’t completely change the content as the site is called owningbipolar; and if you arrived on the site by chance and discovered it was the world’s best (by means of being the only) Garlic, Christmas Sock and Car Parts emporium you’d be mightily pissed off. Given I have been getting really fit to help keep my funny old brain ship shape, I figured that is what I will write about. Without of course being a total bore. 

But I do find it difficult to write just about one thing. My brain doesn’t allow for that. I am known at work for going off on tangents and covering several topics simultaneously. All of the topics are logically linked in my mind, but with the exception of a few really on-the-ball listeners, the commonality of the varying subject matter is lost; that is until a very Poirotesque summation at the end. Fortunately, I am rather well versed in a lot of topics so my colleagues quite often suffer through the process so that they may learn a thing or two. So what if I slice in a good recipe for bouillabaisse to the less interesting subjects of database design or compliance. Who doesn’t love a Provençal fish stew for God’s sake? Well my daughter Izabella. I don’t think she is well versed in The Bible, but if she were, in her mind it would have started:

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

And The Devil said, “Let there be fish,” and there were fish.

I’d have to pull her up on The Devil’s existence “In the beginning” as the “morning star” had yet to be cast out of heaven. Hah – there, proven beyond a doubt that fish must be the work of God.

This is how my mind works. It doesn’t stop and it is really quite screwed up; but in a way that makes perfect sense to me. Not to others. Just me. I must send a letter to Rick Stein about the fish provenance – he’d like that. Moreover, I’m sure he’d be cool with the letter format.

This trait of going off-topic was first pointed out by Bernard Rosewall, my English teacher at school who had noted my ability to intersperse references to World War II into a story about John The Baptist. In my mind it probably made perfect sense at the time. If only he had also had a passion for amateur psychiatry – might have been able to diagnose me a little sooner. Mr Rosewall that is, not John The Baptist.

Exercise of most sorts does two things for me. Firstly, it knackers me out, so that when I am a little “up”, it can help me settle down a little. Secondly, it distracts me enough to be able to jump off the merry-go-round in my head. So that’s what I am going to write about from now on. I’ll try and write it in a style that isn’t boring as shit. Again, as referenced above this may be difficult.

I’ve realised now that I’m not really going to rebrand. I am just going to write about different shit, but in the same style.

And this is where I get on to Better Call Saul.

I have been working out quite a lot over the last eight months in order to counteract the potential weight gain effects of Quetiapine. Bore. Bore. Written about before.

But it was only after I stubbed my toe really badly and had to limit my training to the cross-trainer for a couple of weeks, that I discovered the truly mesmerising state you can end up in whilst watching a good Netflix Series (other online streaming services are available), and that when in that state can achieve an almost Zen-like level of nothingness. Now if that description doesn’t make sense and you want to point this out, then you’re probably also the type of person that does hot yoga – something that makes no sense to me, so we’re even.

In this state of nothingness, I find it very easy to train. I lose myself for an hour or so and feel way better afterwards. At the same time, I can catch up on some good TV; and Better Call Saul is really good. I started watching it a few years ago and then completely forgot about it. That is what has now happened with this blog entry – I have no idea what it was about, but I like that as that means I have relaxed my brain.

I can now carry on with my day, and later this week/month I’ll get around to updating the blog site to make it more relevant to who I am now and what I am up to.

Finally, if you have nothing else better to do today, take a look at: https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/people/kevin-sinfield-mnd-leeds-rhinos-legend-hailed-as-true-hero-as-donations-smash-ps2m-mark-in-honour-of-rob-burrow-3924960

I’ve entered one ultra marathon this year, but this bloke has just done seven in seven days. Respect to Mr Sinfield.

Please note that all references to me being boring above are untrue.


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