My Sanity Lists

My Sanity Lists

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My lists for the year

So Things Can Change A Little

Last year I wrote a list of 15 things I wanted to achieve over the course of the year. The purpose of this list was to give me a distraction from the diagnosis I had just received. I wanted to feel good about myself rather than wallow in sorrow.

Not long after writing the list, I realised that I was setting myself up to fail – there were far too many things I thought I could do. I therefore reduced the list to seven. Then I smashed that list to make me feel great.

The list of seven is further down on this page, but in addition to these I also ran ten races including the London Marathon (well the virtual one – still 26.2 miles in one go) and wrote around six chapters of a book. Go me.

This year I am going to keep the list simple to reduce the pressure on me and allow me to chill out a little.

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My List for 2023

Like hell am I going to chill out – focusing on achievements in 2022 kept me relatively sane (I had a few hiccups). This year I’m only going to have a list of four, but with three of them I have set my targets fairly high.

Number one is simple – finish off 12 chapters or more of my book.

My other three are:

  1. Complete the RideLondon-Essex 100-mile challenge in May
  2. Complete the full London Duathlon in September
  3. Run the Thames Path 100k Challenge the following week

Although I have come to terms with having a mental illness and the challenges that it can bring, I have yet to accept the fact that I also might not be sane.

These are going to be tough as hell, but I am so looking forward to the challenge.

My Final List from 2022

There’s no harm in changing my plans a little during the course of my journey. Having run two 10k races now the impact that Quetiapine is having on my fitness is considerable. The medication has had a two-pronged attack on me – it is giving me a craving for sweet things and carbohydrates, but the sedative effect is slowing me down and impacting my cardio.

My List of Fifteen is going to be shortened to my Magnificent Seven:

  1. Lose two stone that I have just put on
  2. Get fit enough to run half marathons again
  3. Get bathroom put into loft conversion
  4. Sort out 10th wedding anniversary
  5. Arrange at least four holidays
  6. Spend much more time with Jimmy
  7. Train for a duathlon
List Update 02/01/2023
Item #ItemUpdate
1Lose two stone…Smashed this (but have put half of this back on over Christmas 2022!)
2Get fit enough…Ran 10 races in all, including three half marathons and one marathon
3Get bathroom put into loft conversionTook 8 months, but this is now done
4Sort out 10th wedding anniversaryHad an amazing night at the Crazy Bear
5Arrange at least four holidaysHad three breaks
6Spend much more time with JimmyNot booked snow centre yet, but am bonding more now
7Train for a duathlonCompleted half Duathlon in May
List Update 14/03/2022
Item #ItemUpdate
1Lose two stone…Having done a 10k in London and one in Dorney it has now dawned on me that I am going to have to train like an athlete if I am going to shift the weight and keep my overall health decent. Going back on the Noom diet and increasing the cardio work.
2Get fit enough…Two 10k races down and one in each of April, May, June and July to finish – this should start me off on the right foot. I have entered the Oxford Half on 16th October as my initial target, but that is not my goal any more – I have entered the Virtual London Marathon on 2nd October to run with my wife
3Get bathroom put into loft conversionThis is starting in two weeks
4Sort out 10th wedding anniversaryNot started yet
5Arrange at least four holidaysThree out of four booked
6Spend much more time with JimmyBooking The Snow Centre to spend some extra time with him
7Train for a duathlonLondon Duathlon booked in September

Initial List for 2022

February 2, 2022

1. Write a song for my wife

2. Learn to write music so second attempt at writing a song is better

3. Lose two stone that I have just put on

4. Get fit enough to run half marathons again

5. Write at least six chapters of a book

6. Get bathroom put into loft conversion

7. Sod it – go big – I’ll write another six chapters of a book

8. Sort out 10th wedding anniversary

9. Arrange at least four holidays

10. Spend much more time with Jimmy

11. Train for a triathlon

12. Recover from triathlon training

13. Reach out to old friends

14. Make new friends

15. Learn to live with bipolar better

cranium, head, human-2099131.jpg

This is my list of fifteen things I set myself a target of on January 16th, 2022.

It started off as a Facebook post of things I wanted to achieve over the course of the year. The logic behind posting it on social media was that if I said I was going to do some things on a semi-public forum, then I would have to do them.

I originally came up with this method of achieving goals in life when I was seventeen and wanted to pass my driving test before my mate Richard. I made sure everyone knew (using the old analogue method of telling everyone in the common room at college) where and when I was taking my test so that I 100% had to pass, otherwise I would have to live with the shame for the rest of my life. Well, more like until I actually passed my test and I’d paid up the bet I had with him. It was a tenner or a pint or something else of little significance to anyone else, but it was all I focused on for a few weeks.

I passed on my first attempt, but Richard managed to get a cancellation test or did some sort of crash course and managed to pass the day before me. Sneaky little bastard. I’ve never forgiven him for this, but I’ve not let it get in the way of staying friends with him.

I’ve not actually used this method since as it is pretty flawed, and if I went around telling everyone what I was going to do all the time – perhaps these days through some sort of digital medium – people would get sick to death of it. That’s a totally ridiculous idea. I mean who would take any notice if people posted constantly about what they were doing in life. It would never take off.

That is what I am doing here however. This would be fine if I were to say “I’m old enough to not give a shit about this any more”, but the problem is my brain constantly thinks people are evaluating me, so posting on a public forum is a rather stupid thing to do. I am going to consider it brave though for now.

After the first post the list extended to sixteen items, with the final one being:

16. Learn how to write a blog

So as you can tell, I am quite serious about this. I am going to take some advice from an old mate however, and remove the deadline aspect to my challenge

List Update 10/02/2022

Item #ItemUpdate
1Write a song…Probably going to get a simple Focusrite set-up on the computer at home, re-string my guitar and then try and remember how to play the damn thing!

Vocals will never be released – against the Geneva convention 🙂
2Learn to write…Postpone this until I have sorted out my life
3Lose two stone…Starting diet on Saturday and then running a 10k in London on Sunday to kick off the fitness campaign
5Write six chapters…In progress. Most of chapter one done, and have started chapter two
6Get bathroom…Builder booker for March
9Arrange at least…Spain booked
10Spend more time…With him now 🙂
15Learn to live…Working on this – am already starting to re-programme my brain. Must reach out to Eric Vaughan at some point to get his input on this 🙂

March 14, 2022

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